Only 2% of people can spot all 4 women in this optical illusion

Social media users are collectively losing their minds over this bewildering visual puzzle depicting women, which can reportedly only be solved by 2% of people.

At first glance, the jaw-dropping illustration, dubbed "Surreal Symbolic Composition," appears to show a woman talking on the phone.

However, upon closer inspection, or more likely a helpful diagram by creator Shupliak, it becomes apparent that there are a total of four women in the surreal image.

“I can’t see more than 1!”

“I have the main image and two on the left. Send help! "

The most obvious is the second woman, whose chin and lips consist of the first woman's exposed navel and short shirt, respectively. Lady No. 1's necklace acts as the other's closed eye.

The third woman consists of the fluttering dress and the lady's elbow, which give her the appearance of her face in profile.

The fourth member of the cornea blurring quartet is made up of the first girl's right arm with her forearm as the woman's dress, while her fingers and phone form the arms and head of her smaller counterpart.