Press Play At Home - Conan Gray Highlights The Painful Past

To take control of your future, you have to embrace your past - and that's the message of "Family Line", the powerful backbone of Conan Gray's new album, Superache.

The song captures the pop singer/songwriter tracing his roots and persona back to their origins: a troubled childhood.

On this episode of press play at domestic, gray gives the music an acoustic treatment, strumming his guitar along to the emotional lyrics as he sits in an empty room.

The sleek white wall space in the show helps keep the focus on cutting through the lyrics and digging into the past.

“How can you hurt a little child? / I can't forget it, I can't forgive you / 'Cause now I'm afraid that everything I love will leave me.

Gray sings an even tougher verse, addressed to a father who is restless, abusive and often absent.

It's unclear how autobiographical the song is, but as he explained to in June, honesty and vulnerability are consequences of the best songwriting.

"Family Line" comes from Gray's second studio album, Superache, a collection of personal and carefully curated tracks that also includes singles like "Yours" and "Memories."


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