Raiders Struggled in Recent Games With Seahawk

The Las Vegas Bandits will attempt to match their first two-game winning streak for the third time in the 2022 season when 


Seattle Seahawks on Sunday at Lumen Field in Seattle. Although the Plunderers (3-6) lead the streak at 29-26,

it won't be easy, as the Seahawks (6-4) have swept three of the Silver and Dark's last four teams. Seen and five of the last eight.

What's more, the last time the Plunderers played the Seahawks, in front of a massive crowd of 84,922 fans at Wembley Arena in London in 2018,

Seattle scored in each quarter en route to a 27–3 victory, while quarterback Derek Carr was sacked multiple times.

Despite the fact that the Bandits traveled over 4,500 miles to get to the game, it was because they didn't show up.

"I don't have the best idea (of the Looters) from the primary snap," Seahawks defensive tackle Quinton Jefferson said.

who went on a sack march against Carr, driving Candido Clark's cautious end by 2.5. "I think I knew going in: 'well,

we'll exclude them from the main trap.” So it looks like they'll just have to go home. I can't tell if it's okay with them

daily letter or no difference. Anyway, we had soup and didn't go home impoverished.'


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