Reaction Of NFL Fans To Ezekiel Elliott Touchdown News

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott scored a touchdown Monday night against the New York Giants.


On closer inspection, it becomes clear that the Giants made a huge mistake in the play Elliot scored in. There were only 10 people on site.

According to Athletic's Dan Duggan, Kywan Thibodaux, Adori 'Jackson and Cor' Dell Float left the arena for this snapshot. However, only Jimin O'Shane and Justin Ellis came in.

The Giants might have prevented Elliott from scoring if he fielded 11 men for that crucial third-place finish.

Fans of the Giants became sick of this news and responded like this

"Very huge and egregious miscommunication mistake on McWinky Face," a Giants fan tweeted.  "Yeah forgive me for not being convinced that Daboll is the guy yet," another fan said. "This is unacceptable."

Elliott rushed for 73 yards and gave the G-Men an impressive performance with a 15-yard touchdown.

When the Cowboys face the Washington Presidents on Sunday, they'll want to keep their momentum.


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