Recep Tayyip Erdogan Net Worth - 2023


Serving as the twelfth President of Turkey since 2014 and being involved in the political scenario of the country since 1994 as the Mayor of Istanbul

Erdoğan has not only gained popularity among the Turks but has also gained immense wealth and honour from many countries.

Though he was considered “broke” during his initial years as a politician, he had a significant rise to the money hill and that had led to several doubts from not only other countries, but also among his own nation

However, the suspicious behaviour did not stop Erdoğan from being one of the most influential beings on this planet.

The reputed Presidential Complex or Cumhurbaşkanlığı Külliyesi in Turkish, situated in Ankara, is the not-so-humble site of residence of Erdoğan.

The Palace was initially supposed to be the residence of the Prime Minister of Turkey however after Erdoğan became the President of the nation and member of The Justice and Development Party

he decided to make it the residence of the President of Turkey that is, himself. It has been estimated that more than $600 Million was spent of the creation of the palace.

The Presidential Complex is also home to the largest library of the country, the Beştepe Millet Mosque, a C4I bunker, the 15 July Martyrs’ Monument and much more.

There have been several controversies regarding the building of the Presidential Complex as the budget had skyrocketed the initial budget and is well over the country’s over all financial economy and stability.

Other than the luxury palace, Erdogan is dubbed the “world’s best real estate agent” has he has sold several pieces of land of the country to increase the financial standing of the country and of his own pocket.

It has been stated that the annual earnings of Erdogan comes around the ballpark of $65 thousand. This is also stated as the official salary of the President of Turkey.

However, Erdoğan has not just been persistent on pone source of income.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan net worth is around is $500 Million