REVIEW - Ahoy Comics’ Justice Warriors -1

In 2018, Hart Seely veterans Tom Peyer, Stuart Moore and Frank Cammuso met to bring more black humor and satire to the world.

As a result, Ahoy Comics was born, ready to shake up the comic book company with a bold new format.

Recently, they have received a lot of interest in giving home to Mark Russell and the second arrival of Richard Pace after DC Comics canceled the project at the last minute.

This time they are back with another provocative piece, parodying real-world institutions. 

Justice Warriors # 1, written by Matt Bors and Ben Clarkson, with drawings by their Ben Clarkson and Felipe Sobreir and a letter from Matt Bors, is a dystopian story with an edge of irony.

Justice Warriors # 1 opens up stunning views of Bubble City, the first perfect city where equality, diversity and prosperity have become the backbone of society.

Outside the protective shield of the city lies the city desert, where mutants crouch. My living conditions are a breeding ground for crime, and Bubble PD police officers are making peace through the blood of innocent spectators or brainwashing.

During the meeting, an officer was killed while on duty, and his manufacturer promised to take revenge on his killer, a self-driving bus. On the other hand, the city's singer-turn-mayor has drawn up a devilish plan with only his own welfare in mind.


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