REVIEW - Marvel’s Carnage 3

Now that readers have begun to take the first steps in the plan after the King of Black Carnage, Ram V is unstoppable and throws them deeper into the bloody waters of his ongoing Carnage.

Carnage's recent encounter with Symbiote God Knull broadens his view of unimaginable new forms of murder.

And even without Cletus in the picture, Carnage's symbiote has a taste of suicidal chaos.

Carnage # 3, written by Ram V with drawings by Rogê Antônio and Dijjo Lima and a letter by Joe Sabina from VC, is deeper than madness.

Carnage # 3 opens with Carnage in the corner of the teleporting villain, Spot. By taking over Hydro-Man's power and adapting it to his needs, Carnage is now trying to catch characters with extraordinary abilities so that he can become the perfect killing machine.

In this network of madness lurking next to Carnage are Kenneth Neely, a serial killer fascinated by the crimson symbiote, and Detective Shayde, whose own mind is full of growing darkness after a recent encounter with Carnage.

Ram V writes Carnage as evil incarnate in this issue. Without Cletus to "limit" the symbiote's new urges, Carnage adopts a deadlier and more clinical approach to killing.

It's a new turn for the character and V goes in a new direction with a lot of goodness.


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