RHOBH: Erica Jane’s Instagram Highlights

Since joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2016, Erica Jane has brought her fans some of her best work on Instagram.

Fans were introduced to Erika Yolanda Hadid during season 6 of RHOBH. The two became friends through their ex-husbands David Foster and Tom Girardi.

Despite Ericino's growing friendship with Lisa Rina, who at the time accused Yoland of suffering from Munchausen's syndrome, Erika has always supported her friend.

Over the years, viewers began to see the life Erika had always been proud of. He was a perfect singer who sang in small bars for many years before he became what he is today.

Erika has always been grateful to Tom for his success, as he has funded most of his career, but after legal problems, Erika's singing career is back.

At the end of 2020, Erica filed for divorce from Tom and a month later she was accused of stealing money from her client for at least ten years.

The girls were not ashamed to tell Eric about the legal issues in season 11 of RHOBH. When Erica did her best to open up,

the women felt he had no regrets. Despite Eric's ups and downs last year, she still manages to maintain her Instagram.


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