RHOBH - Yolanda Hadid & David Foster Relationship Timeline

Before the divorce, Yolanda Hadid and David Foster shared parts of their four-year marriage with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Fans of the show will remember Yolanda's love and admiration for David during her three seasons on the show.

The cameras did not find out what caused Yolanda and David's divorce, and they both promised to remain silent on the sensitive topic.

Yolanda and David spent almost ten years together before they divorced in 2015. The couple dated for five years before they got married in 2011.

Viewers view Yolanda and David's luxury house in Malibu, which has an enclosed glass refrigerator and a projection room.

However, after nine years together, Yolanda and David filed for divorce in 2015 and ended their divorce in 2017.

Since that divorce, Yolanda and David hadn't said much about what caused their divorce. Fans have long speculated about the problems facing the power plant couple.

The perfect composer admitted that his high profile with Yolanda, Linda Thompson, Rebecca Dyer and B.J. Cook, maybe he cured his musical success.


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