RHOP: Kali Green-Eyed Bandits Robyn & Gizelle are causing trouble

Green-eyed bandits True Potomac Wives Bravo, Robin Dixon and Gisele Bryant are known for their confusing pots.

His characters have entertained the audience over the years. However, sometimes these nonsense can get women in trouble.

Fans Robin and Giselle have a love and hate relationship that always seems to be together. You are about to run RHOP,

if it causes harmless pleasure or warming up. If someone quarrels with the hostess, she will stand by her.

On many occasions, Robin and Giselle use their alliance in less favorable ways, such as cooperation, to be more intimidated by those who pass by.

Number security tactics have worked for them more than once. Sometimes RHOP offers viewers a healthy dose of comedy and other times it's a bit of an eyebrow.

The ensuing uproar was a joke when Giselle and Ashley hid in a corner in cheap wigs as Robin went home to deliver pizza.

Robin and Gisel from RHOP have been causing a lot of trouble. Sometimes their adventures get them into a little more trouble than expected.


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