Rian Johnson Is ‘Even More Proud’ Of ‘TLJ’ Almost 5 Years Later

"The Last Jedi" was released by Disney in 2017.

Rian Johnson directed the middle instalment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

The film is widely regarded as the most divisive Star Wars film ever made.

Even Mark Hamill has spoken out against Rian Johnson's treatment of his character, Luke Skywalker.

In a new interview with Empire, Johnson, however, stated that he is "even more proud" of the film today.

"I really swung at the ball when I was up at bat," he said.

He stated that the film's goal was to "get to the basic, fundamental power of myth."

"I hope the film affirms the power of the Star Wars myth in our lives," he added.

"The Last Jedi" is now available to watch on Disney+.

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