Rocketry Box Office Day 11

After some kind of launch that makes you wonder where one could think of where Rocketry would eventually land, the good news is that at least it's been taken.

The film has seen strong collections since its release and even though they are at rock bottom, the good part is that the appreciation is huge which means it is always a controversy.

This was shown in the second week of the film where its films were held on premium and non-premium films and were not allowed to go any higher in the second week.

The results are now because the second Monday was bigger than the first Friday.

While the Hindi version opened at 0.94 crores, things were better on day 11 as it arrived at 1.1 crores *.

The film currently stands at 13.76 crores * and will get more consistent in the 16-17 crore range by the end of the second week.

The grade for the film should get the 20 crore mark in the second week and then everything is where it comes from.

A director only needs a minimum number of shows to enter each day to collect some numbers that he has to manage.


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