‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Alum Colton Winder Seemingly Shades the Show

“I hope, when all is said and done, that our legacy on Seeking Sister Wife will be that plural marriage lived with a higher intent can be a beautiful relationship,

full of love, growth and development for men and women, "wrote 35-year-old Colton via Instagram on Tuesday, June 7.

"It is a sacred relationship for us. Although we do not intend to encourage anyone to live like us, I hope we can illustrate that among consenting adults,

it would not be criminal. That's the only reason we decided to accept the invitation, which will be on TV when it's offered.

I know there are many people who do not find us, our relationships and religions attractive. Our experience on television shows us that.

"I love looking 'normal' and I love seeing Colton ... the only man on the show who feels not just sex," one fan wrote.

Another remarked: "You are the only loving functional family in the series - there is no drama, so unfortunately you may not have been brought back.

The show's price follows many couples on their journey of dating to find another sister to add to their polygamous families.


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