‘Serial killer’ eyes, says Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow Says Heidi Montag Spencer Platt Has 'Serial Killer Eyes'

Spencer Platt reiterated that Lisa Kudrow is "one of the worst people" he's ever seen.

On Saturday, "The Hills" alumni shared a TikTok video detailing an alleged conversation between Heidi Montag and the "Friends" star.

2009 was our first Elite A-list party. Reality star Kudrow began her speech with her character Phoebe Buffy.

"There was good food and an open bar, so Heidi and I didn't care if there were cameras," he said.

When Phoebe [Kudrow] approached us, the party did not speak to us at all while we were eating caviar.

According to Pratt, Montag, 35, said he was murdered and Pratt was a "serial killer".

As Platt explained, Montag waited to see if it was a joke before making a decision.

I thought it was like a hidden photo party and why were we invited to this elite party; but without laughter.

The hardest moment I ever faced was when she left.

One fan thought she was hilarious, writing: "The biggest takeaway from this is Lisa looking at the mountains."


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