Shaun White Net Worth - 2023

Sean Roger White was born on September 3, 1986, in San Diego, California. 


White was born with a congenital heart defect that led to two open-heart surgeries before he had one.

When he first started snowboarding, he spent his teenage years at small ski resorts in Ludlow, Vermont and the San Bernardino Mountains. 

It was here that White first laid the groundwork for his snowboarding skills. 

Aside from his career as a snowboarder, Shaun White also received a lot of attention from skateboarding. 

This included Tony Hawk's interest in mentoring White and helping him become a professional league skater. 

White won several medals in figure skating, but his greatest passion prevailed…

Sean has been a snowboard sponsor since he was six years old. To date, he has participated in four Winter Olympics, in addition to his X Winter Olympics.

He has 18 medals to his credit, 13 of which are gold, and he hasn't finished yet. 

White also released a series of video games, which were at one time one of the best-selling games in the United States.

It’s safe to say, this guy is a born champion.

As of September 2022, Shaun White’s net worth is $65 Million.




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