Simon Cowell’s Favorite Golden Buzzer Moments | NBC’s AGT

America's Got Talent features a select few artists each season with golden buzzers to encourage them to compete,

and season 16 judge Simon Cowell's pick packs a punch with his unique song and powerful story.

The favorite is singer Jane "Nightbirde" Marczewski, who could have won the season after just one performance, but unfortunately had to leave the competition due to her battle with cancer.

He died in February and now Cowell is taking the opportunity in Season 17 to pay tribute to him.

AGT took a break from Season 17's audition round in the final episode and instead focused on Simon Cowell's tips for the best golden buzzer in the show's history.

Simon Cowell took a photo of the 16th season after hitting the golden buzzer for Nightbird, then took the AGT stage to give him a hug.

Unfortunately, less than two months after being promoted to Simon Cowell's Live Shows, Nightbirde had to leave Season 16.

Although he said the AGT performance was an "honor" and a "dream come true", his health deteriorated and he was unable to return for further performances.


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