Stacey Dash Just Realized DMX Died… More Than A Year After His Death

Stacey Dash shows the world how truly clueless she can be in today's "Did NOT See This One Coming."

The "Clueless" actress was shocked to learn that rapper DMX had died.

The "Party Up (Up In Here)" rapper died of a cocaine-induced heart attack over 365 days ago.

DMX died on April 9, 2021.

Dash uploaded a video to TikTok on Wednesday, August 31, 2022, of herself sobbing as she realised DMX was dead.

Dash, upset and sobbing, says to the camera, "OK, y'all. I’m ashamed. I had no idea... "I had no idea DMX died."

"I didn't know from a cocaine overdose," she continued through tears. I've been clean for six years and one month. "It breaks my heart that he succumbed to it."

"He succumbed to that demon of addiction." Please, please, please don't lose."

Many fans were perplexed as to how she had NO IDEA about his death.




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