Star Trek – Picard Stargazer Series to Bridge the Gap Seasons 2 & 3

Star Trek comic book writer Mike Johnson (the same duo that wrote the Star Trek sound drama: Picard - No Man's Land between the first two series in the series) to write the series.

Star Trek comics Angel Hernandez draws a story with three editions in which Jean-Luc Picard looks aboard a ship with the name of his first headquarters, the USS Stargazer.

When Picard's second season began, Cristobal Rios commanded the USS Stargazer. However, when Rios decided to stay in the past at the end of Picard's second season,

the ship has no captain unless Starfleet decides to make Picard's Field Commission of Seven of Nine permanent,

and the Seven decided to accept. But for this mission, it looks like Jean-Luc is again the Commander of Stargazer.

Picard served aboard the Constellation-class Stargazer with a unique design of four gondolas for 22 years before being transferred to the Enterprise.

The synopsis also questions some recurring elements of Picard's history. Which prewarp planet can he visit again? And will it be a friend he wants to be seven?

someone from the former Enterprise crew, or someone else? Fans will know when Star Trek: Picard Stargazer # 1 starts selling in August. Here is information about the application.

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