Star Wars Just Explained 1 Major Order 66 Jedi Survivor Mystery

Obi-Wan Kenobi, episode 4, finally explains the mystery of Order 66 of the Star Wars rebels. Palpatine sees the Clone Wars as the last trap of the Jedi, and Order 66 is a coup.

Across the galaxy, the clone invaders turn on their Jedi generals and defeat them. Only a few survivors who were the most experienced, the most sensitive in the Force and the happiest.

Even the few survivors searched for the Empire, tirelessly persecuted by Darth Vader and his inquisitors.

The former Padawan calls himself Right Jarrus and is one of the few. A few years later, in Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels, Kanan - who even hired a potential student of Ezra

he heard rumors that the Jedi Master was still alive. There are reports that Luminara Unduli survived Order 66 in Star Wars and was imprisoned in the Spire cell in Stygeon Prime.

The government's plan has always been so small. It so happened that they were already stored in Luminary's body.

Canaan and Ezra run away and start spreading the opposite story - that it's all an imperial trap. Because it is so,

Obi-Wan Kenobi may have shown where Luminary's body was originally stored, but it is possible that it was destroyed after the Star Wars Rebels.


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