Stephen King’s Talisman TV Show Update Shared by Duffer Brothers

The Duffer Brothers share an update on the status of their television adaptation of Stephen King's Talisman and talk about their excitement for the project.

The Talisman has yet to be adapted into a movie or TV series and will be approaching in 2019 under the interim direction of Handmaid's Tale director Mike Barker.

The Barker-directed film adaptation came under the control of Steven Spielberg's Amblin Partners, who secured the rights to The Talisman even before the book was released.

Given its length and the intricate supernatural elements involved in young Jack Sawyer's journey, studios and directors have seen a mainstream film as a challenging project to tackle properly.

Hoping to get around these hurdles, Spielberg scrapped the feature film idea in favor of a Talisman series directed by the Duffer brothers.

Considering the Duffer brothers' work on a Stranger Things spin-off and the final season of their hit show, it's no surprise that the Talisman series doesn't have a rigid timeline yet.

As two of the most in-demand TV showrunners on the market, the Duffers will likely want to focus all their attention on King and Straub's material to satisfy fans of the novel.

Potential viewers will also find it reassuring that the brothers see The Talisman as feasible to create in today's entertainment industry given the higher television budgets and new technologies.


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