Stream It Or Skip It - Mary Kay Letourneau - Notes On A Scandal

In 1997, Mary Kay Letourneau became instantly famous once the 34-year-old teacher’s sexual relationship with her 13-year-old student

Vili Fualauu, went public. There is no question that was she did was a crime, and she served many years in jail for it

But Letourneau and Fualauu also had two children and spent more than 20 years together before splitting in 2019. The new Discovery+ docuseries Mary Kay Letourneau: Notes On A Scandal does not deny

the predatory nature of Letourneau’s actions, but it does try to understand them and offer an alternative perspective on what really happened between teacher and student, and how Letourneau’s tumultuous upbringing might have played into it.

News footage of Mary Kay Letourneau walking the halls of a Seattle courthouse as flashbulbs blare all around.


News cameras hover overhead and interviewers try to get a comment from her about her trial for second-degree rape of a minor, after it’s discovered that she, a teacher, has been engaging in a relationship with Vili Fualauu

a student she had known since he was eight years old. “Mary, was it worth it?” we hear one journalist ask, getting no response. But that seems to be the question at the heart of this series.

Was this affair worth sacrificing your life, your career, and your family for, only to be known as a child predator?


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