Texas Gov. Abbott Sends 50 Migrants To VP Harris' Home

Another fifty migrants arrived outside the residence of Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington, D.C.


on Saturday, days after two busloads of asylum seekers from Texas arrived at his home on the Maritime Observatory earlier this week. 

This was confirmed by the press secretary of the Texas governor. ABC News' Greg Abbott Renae Eze reported that 50 migrants were dropped off at the Vice President's Naval Observatory residence on Saturday after a long bus ride from Texas. 

Abbott said he sent two busloads of migrants to Harris' residence on Thursday. 

"We're sending migrants to her backyard to call on the Biden Administration to do its job & secure the border," he tweeted at the time.

Abbott and other Republican leaders from border states have been sending migrants to Democratic cities for months, 

he called it a protest against President Joe Biden's immigration policies amid an influx of migrants at the southern border. 

Abbott and the governor of Florida. Ron DeSantis tweaked the plan this week by kicking out about 100 migrants.

Harris' home is in Washington and on Martha's Vineyard, an island south of Cape Cod where former President Barack Obama has a home.

The moves have drawn national attention and the ire of the White House and Democrats, who say lawmakers are using migrants as political pawns. 

Republicans cheered the move, saying the Biden administration should do more to secure the border.


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