The Boys Takes a Shot at Morbius’ Failed Re-Release

Prime Videos The Boys used the space movie Vought International, Dawn of the Seven, to make fun of Sony Pictures' failed Morbius release.

"[Dawn Of The Seven] is back!" Posted by Vought International on Twitter. "Even though it's still in theaters, we've heard all your tweets and we'll release the film again this week! Don't miss the chance to relive the whole event: use the code ITS-MAEVIN-TIME and get a discount on your second ticket by June 30th."

Dawn of the Seven itself is a reference to the real Justice League and Batman movies in Superman: Dawn of Justice by DC and Warner Bros. directed by Zack Snyder.

Sony has announced that Morbius will return to 1,037 theaters in the United States in the tenth week, even though it received only $ 73.3 million in domestic box offices.

Overall, the launch of the Spider-Man spinoff, led by Jared Let, raised a total of $ 85,000, bringing in a total of $ 280,000 over the weekend.

This brings total domestic revenue for Morbius from $ 73.3 million to $ 73.6 million, which averages $ 270 per cinema.

Despite poor release, a fan petition began circulating urging Sony to return Morbius to theaters for the third time.

It was noted that before the release, Morbius was in trend with several memes that appeared on the Internet, including fan editions that placed Leto Morbius in other films and television series, such as The Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness and Better Call Saul. .


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