The Family Chantel - Pedro Accused For Green Card

Peter and Chantel Jimeno are officially going through divorce proceedings and now many viewers of The Family Chantel believe they are taking full advantage of him.

Chantel and Pedro Jimenez's divorce has turned into turmoil, and now many fans of The Family Chantel are wondering if Pedro was taking advantage of his wife-to-be from the beginning.

When Chantel first met Peter in the Dominican Republic and called him to help him with his Spanish, a seemingly sweet romance soon developed.

However, many Family Chantel fans were shocked by how quickly Peter judged her marriage after she became independent.

Peter and Chantel once had one of the most beloved relationships in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Chantel and Peter face big problems from their daughters-in-law.

However, they overcame their problems and stayed on their side. Chantel stepped up to help Peter during The Family Chantel Season 3.

At that point, Peter became aware that the women in his family had sex with married men and that his father did not want to raise him or his sister, Nicole Jimeno.

These revelations seem to be reconsidering Peter's marriage to Chantel. Chantel enters the fourth season of The Family with a newfound coldness and cruelty towards her wife.


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