The Family Chantel - What Chantel Has Been Doing Since Divorce Filing

Family star Chantel Pedro Jimeno has filed for divorce from his wife Chantel, but the Atlanta nurse is doing everything she can to move on with her life.

Fans of the Chantel family are wondering what and how Chantel has been doing for the past two months.

Although Pedro filed for an official divorce in May, he said the two have been separated since April 27.

Chantel has been sharing constant updates about herself and her life on social media to show how she's been since her marriage broke up.

Chantel and Pedro were once one of the most successful 90 Day Fiancé franchise couples of all time.

The duo starred in their own spin-off show and overcame many family issues on both sides to build a seemingly happy and mature marriage.

However, everything went downhill after Pedro realized just how corrupt his family was during a disastrous trip to his native country, the Dominican Republic.

Pedro returns a changed man and becomes distant, cold and indifferent to Chantel. While Pedro files for divorce, Chantel accuses Pedro of abuse.


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