The Family Chantel - Why Fans Think Chantel Is Good For Pedro

The Family Chantel fans think Pedro Jimeno is abusing Chantel, his wife of five years, despite the fact that they once had a blissful marriage.


The Family Chantel supporters are currently debating if Pedro Jimeno deserves to be regarded a successful and happy 90 Day Fiancé couple instead of Chantel and Pedro.

Five years into their marriage, the American woman and Dominican husband have endured several family arguments and dramatic allegations.

The Family Chantel season 4's treatment of Chantel by Pedro has, nevertheless, led people to claim that Chantel deserves more.

Chantel and Pedro met in the Dominican Republic and fell in love right away. Pedro taught Spanish to his future wife.

The meddling Everett family caused Pedro a lot of trouble back then, but they now embrace him.

Chantel is not welcomed by the Jimeno family, which is unfortunate. The third season of The Family Chantel ended with Pedro having to face up to painful truths regarding his mother and his family.

Pedro started to seriously consider his marriage after learning that the majority of the ladies in his family had slept with married men to father their kids.


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