The Flash Season 9 Will Bring Back Iris West-Allen

Candice Patton, who plays Iris West-Allen in The Flash, will officially return for the ninth season of the popular Arrowverse drama.

Flash season 8 came with a twist when it came to the show's female lead. Having suffered from time sickness since The Flash season 7,

the story arc was carried over to season 8, where Iris's condition continued to deteriorate. After disappearing from episode 15,

Iris resurfaced in episode 19 of season 8 of The Flash, only to find herself in the year 2049 with her future children.

However, her stay was temporary as Iris suffered from temporal visions, before the big breakthrough at the end of the first part of The Flash season 8 finale.

While Barry Allen was trying to destroy the Negative Forces with his lightning bolt, Iris is summoned in 2022 and takes the hit.

As Iris will return in The Flash season 9, it remains to be seen how The Flash season 8 finale addresses her death and resurrection.

If season 9 of The Flash ends up being the show's last, it's still great to have the female lead back, because it wouldn't be the same if Iris wasn't there until the end.


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