The MCU’s First Mutant, Not Wolverine

The big reveal in the finals of Ms. Marvel made Kamala Khan the first mutant in the MCU. Why did this important role go to him and not someone like Wolverine?

The big reveal came straight from Matt Lintz's Bruno Carrelli, who was interested in the powers Kamala gained from her bracelet.

According to Bruno, Kamala is the only member of his family with capacities due to a "mutation" in his DNA.

Although Kamala is quick to deny the revelation, Bruno's mutant teasing is of great importance in the MCU.

Ever since Marvel acquired the rights to the X-Men, there has been speculation about how and when Marvel Studios would bring Wolverine, Magneto, Storm and more into the picture.

However, his role is a cameo that takes place in the multiverse and has nothing to do with the MCU's main interpretation of the mutant child.

It is widely believed that Marvel's introduction to the team will begin with a high-profile X-Men character such as Wolverine or Cyclops.

the lady used. Marvel, a favorite as big as Wolverine, made the big mutant reveal a real surprise.


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