The next era Doctor Who can really be LGBTQ+ friendly

Doctor Who first aired in 1963 and evolved at many different times, as Doctor went through every change and led a diverse group of companions on their adventures in space and time.

However, The Doctor's latest partner has managed to take a big step forward in terms of LGBTQ + representation in Doctor Who and the media in general.

Next season, Doctor Who will bring a lot of changes. Showrunner Russell T. Davis returned to the show after leaving in 2010.

The thirteenth doctor (Jody Whitaker) will leave the series and the fourteenth doctor performed by Nkuti Gatva will be Dr. Become the first black Koi doctor.

The co-star of the Fourteenth Doctor, 18-year-old teenager Rose, is a bright trans character played by a trans actress. Jasmine Feeney of Heartstopper.

Dr. Who has had LGBTQ + characters in the past, but are often in the middle of a spin-off series or don't get the promotion they deserve.

While the relationship between the Thirteenth Doctor and his partner Yaz is a solid step in the right direction, Whitaker's departure from the series almost guarantees the end of their relationship.

Jan Jones' relationship (Gareth David-Lloyd) - just explored in the Torchwood spinoff and subsequent radio drama, and Jant's untimely death makes the relationship unsatisfactory.


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