The Old Man – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Although we see the exact moment Harper finds Angela the mole and she is Dan's daughter, episode 5 of The Old Man proves it in the first scene.

Angela and Harper are on a plane to a place they don't know and end up facing each other. It collapsed and the lid opened. Harper felt cheated.

His conflicted mind isn't fair to Harper and Dan, his "fathers". They aren't sure what the others will do yet, but neither are we! More on that later in the episode.

In flashbacks to Afghanistan, we see a silhouette of an older Abby now talking to Dan about Zoe.

Cut to tonight's dinner scene. Dan was surprisingly unimpressed by Zoe's demands. He quietly accepted it and told her why. All he wanted was the safety of his family.

It shows that Emily is in danger and has to leave to make sure she is okay. Morocco is his destination. I would agree to go along.

In the flashback, Hamzad and his sister are yet to break up with Pavlovic. They certainly will in the next few sessions. Abby pulls Dan in and tells him why it wasn't a good result.

He spied for Hamzad with Soviet troops. Pavlovic suddenly realizes that he is and tells Hamzad that he is cooperating with the Soviets.


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