The Orville Recap: Demon Seed

De twadde ôflevering fan The Orville: New Horizons of sa't ik it neam, The Orville: What Contractual Loophole is the Conspicuous Subtitle Exploiting?

revolves around the arrival of Admiral Paul Christie, who needs a ride to meet with the Krill delegation and begin negotiations to grant Union access to the Neklav sector outside the Krill area.

Ed's announcement of the admiral's upcoming visit clearly touched Claire, who later, after receiving herself a very special visit from Christie, then attended a diplomatic reception.

The next day, Admiral Christie, accompanied by Ed and Kelly, released details of two Krill delegates.

they agreed to follow a specific route to the Neklav sector and allow them to install a guidance lighthouse in Orville.

But the body of the meeting revolved around the admiral's interest in exploring the Kalarr Expansion outside the Krill area, and this raised red flags for the delegates.

They warn that, based in part on the teachings of their religious text, the Kalarr Expansion is a "domain of evil" inhabited by "demons" sucking souls.

But instead of solid evidence in support of Krills' claims, Orville plans to continue - letting his guests die with bad wishes but prayers "for loved ones."


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