The Robin Ending We All Want In Stranger Things Season 5

Stranger Things left no choice for the Duffer Brothers: that's why a romance between Robin and Vickie has to happen in season 5.

Maya Hawke's Robin instantly won over as a newcomer to Stranger Things in Season 3, and her poorly coordinated legs keep that momentum going well in Season 4.

Despite Steve Harrington's constant encouragement, Robin spends much of Stranger Things season 4 shyly dodging Vickie's attention.

and falls in love with her crush after seeing the flaming-haired clarinet enthusiast romantically kissing her boyfriend at the, er ... gun shop.

Stranger Things viewers would breathe a sigh of relief when Robin and Vickie finally shared a real conversation as they made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the closing moments of Season 4.

Vickie even confirms that she's just single (living on the cusp of an apocalyptic hell is a real relationship test, it seems).

Ever since the bathroom rug was pulled, Robin has been haunted by the specter of unrequited love in an era when attitudes towards the LGBTQ + community were far from welcoming.

Stranger Things season five, ending with Robin continuing to run up the hill in Vickie's friend zone, would be too tragic a fate for someone who deserves infinitely better.


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