The Staircase Cast Guide: What Every Real Life Person Looks Like

HBO Max's The Staircase miniseries is based on a true story, and its stellar cast appears to be different from the real opponents of its characters.

The four-part series is a dramatic retelling of Kathleen Peterson's death in 2001 and the emotional legal consequences that followed.

In one of the longest problems in North Carolina history, Kathleen's husband Michael Peterson was sentenced to life in prison for probable cause of his murder.

Michael and Kathleen Peterson appear to have lived in Durham, North Carolina, but were found dead on the night of December 9, 2001, under their stairs.

the tragedy brought their family back. The incident and the subsequent assassination attempt attracted media attention as Michael was eventually convicted of murdering his wife.

As described in the HBO Max miniseries, the story was first recorded in a French documentary, also called The Staircase.

The series was updated again when the documentary was released on Netflix, with three more episodes in 2018.

Firth, known for his roles in films such as A Single Man, The King's Speech and his recent role in Operation Mincemeat, is well known for his dramatic roles.