The Ultimatum’s Jake and Rae ‘Talk All the Time’ Post-Show

Were they together after leaving their original partners, April Melohn and Zay Wilson? Talk exclusively to In Touch in a video chat.

"We still communicate. We always talk," said Jake, 26, who says "they avoid any romance."

"We left the relationship for two years with two different people. Like us, we ended it after the show, we tested,

Imagine what would happen to that. I let him do his thing. I'd do my thing, "Jake added." It could happen along the way. he was a good man. We'll see how it goes. "

In the last episode, Jake, who gave an ultimatum on April 23, and Rae, who gave an ultimatum to Zay, 25,

they decided to leave their relationship and possibly move on together. In fact, the last time viewers saw Jake and Rae, they were traveling around the world!

In the case of Rae and Zaye now? Well, it's freezing. "At the moment, Zay and I are completely blocked and we don't have to set conditions," he added.

"These are the things that happen at the reunion. I can't say much, but it's the way he talks to me at the meeting ..."


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