The Voice: Why Kelly Clarkson Isn’t Returning As A Coach

To the extent that teachers for the upcoming season of The Voice discovered a recognizable face last week,

Kelly Clarkson, she wasn't in a deal, and now is the right time to share the reason she didn't come back.

Then the fans learned that Camila Cabello would join them as a teacher and replace Kelly. Kelly leaves The Voice after eight seasons on the show.

After appearing in the series for season 14 of 2018, it was announced that Kelly would not return for season 22 of the successful NBC series.

This has confused fans as they expect to return to The Voice when the new season airs this fall.

Despite being shocked by this information, fans realized that there was probably a legitimate reason why Kelly had left the show after a long stay.

Like Newsweek, although the specific reason for Kelly's departure from the show is not shared, there is a hypothesis that this may be due to her busy schedule.

Ever since it all happened, fans have been convinced that his experience with the NBC series is over, whatever it is, the equivalent of the future.


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