The X-Men’s Newest Threat Should Become Their First Villain in the MCU

One of the X-Men's most powerful villains is a key player in their new story – proving that Exodus should be their number one enemy in the MCU.

Marvel's biggest threat to the X-Men is the mutant Exodus — who, in addition to being a villain-turned-anti-hero, is the MCU's first mutant villain.

The X-Men have fought many memorable villains on screen, from Magneto to Apocalypse to Sebastian Shaw and many more.

But just like Immortal X-Men #5, Marvel confirmed that Exodus would be a formidable villain for the next generation of MCU X-Men – for one very important reason.

In the current X-Men continuity, almost all mutants have settled on the island nation of Krakoa: a living, mobile island that provides a safe haven for all mutants.

The island was recognized by the United Nations in exchange for several mutant inventions given to humanity.

Heroes and villains gain a home in Krakoa, and even Professor X and Magneto work together for the good of mutantkind.

Among those on the Silent Council is the mutant Ex0dus, one of the oldest living mutants (and one of the deadliest).


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