‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Review

Thor: God of Thunder, and you can say whatever you want, just know that something other than "This is possibly the best comic Marvel has produced in the last decade".

but the features that made it such an interesting comic book epic also made it unsuitable for adaptation at this current stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The basic bones of Aaron and Ribic's story remain: A vengeful mortal named Gorr (Christian Bale) has acquired a mythical weapon known as the Necrosword, which can kill gods.

only Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his friends can stop him before he finds a way to completely rid the universe of gods.

However, many things have changed: Gorr is now a true believer in a God dressed in gold who left his followers (including Gorr's daughter) to die in the wilderness while basking in the bounty of an oasis.

which simplifies some of the complexity of his character; and instead of trying to create a "divine bomb", which can only be stopped by three Thors throughout history (Young, Current and King)

he is trying to wish the gods to cease to exist. "But the Infinity Gauntlet is gone," you say, and trust me, Kevin Feige has found another way for the Marvel entity to take his place in this film.

Likewise, Thor's motives are also different: instead of being the self-assured badass forced to solve the mystery of who is mutilating these celestial bodies.


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