Tom Brady Responds to NFL Coach's Press Box Outburst 

Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey lost his temper after Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins. He was seen on camera destroying everything in his path. .


 Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady talks about Dorsey's Week 3 performance on the latest episode of "Let's Go!" talked. podcast

Brady thanked Dorsey for making it clear to the NFL world that he's not the only one who throws tantrums every now and then.

"I'm not the only pissed off adult in the entire league," Brady told ProFootballTalk. "Thank you for pissing me off, Ken."

"I know exactly how he felt," Brady added. "totally. Well, there's so much emotion. You feel like you're in a fight there and it's a physical battle and it's just like that I mean you have to bring out the excitement and I know that has to be balanced and yes there are times and sometimes it bubbles About. "

"Wouldn't it be better to boil next door than on the pitch? And sometimes a little of both. . . Our feelings sometimes take advantage of the best we have and you have to live with them for the rest of your life.

"So it's good. It's better to have that feeling and feeling because it's like you're alive. Maybe you're dead and you don't feel anything. So I choose to live and feel everything. "

For Brady and Dorsey, their breakup is quickly forgotten.


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