Trina’s Alibi Witness Refuses To Confess, Trina Deadlocked!

She has an alibi like Spencer Cassadine, he and she were in the cemetery at the time and he wasn't the one who posted the video.

But Spencer had a different plan. And he won't admit that Trina was with him at the cemetery. Unable to understand Spencer's plan, Trina despairs and considers herself lost.

Rory doesn't want to admit that he was the one who found and took Trina and Josslyn from the bar. But as a policeman he doesn't lie, he doesn't want to hurt her.

Unfortunately, the truth is still the truth, and he hopes his testimony will have as mild an impact as possible.

Meanwhile, Spencer gets a big plot to force Esme to tell the truth. He got a false positive on Esme's parents, convinced them to face charges.

The rest of the time he will wait for her to confess, but she will not admit her guilt. Then Diane collects some evidence and Trina's key witness arrives.

This is the person Trina and Josslyn were looking for. Curtis Ashford brings in a witness and Esme immediately feels desperate.

There is no change in the body. This is Oz Haggerty, the man who sold Esme the phone. He was angry that Esme had hurt him in the past to silence him.


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