Uorfi Javed Should Have Triggered Warning Over Her Dress

Uorfi Javed always wears something unusual. She once copied Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner's look, but no, that's not all she's got.

The Bigg Boss OTT diva also makes clothes from threads and garbage bags. He continued the link, this time experimenting with razor

For starters, we're issuing a TRIGGER warning here for anyone faint of heart who might be confused.

Something Uorfi did, but of course he didn't. His entire body was literally covered in many leaves.

From head to toe, Uorfi Javed is seen bathing in leaves. The actress covered her body with a black cloth before wrapping herself in several sheets.

It's really unimaginable and even more dangerous and makes you wonder how she even wore that dress.

Uorfi Javed pulled him by the hair in the middle of the pony. She opted for shiny eyes and bare lips. For beauty, it is wise not to wear accessories as it will distract the audience from the main subject.

I captioned my post "I made the perfect dress for introverts. The razor is cut! This dress is made from a razor! I can't thank my team enough for helping me with my crazy ideas!


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