Victor Grabs Ashland in His Jail Cell as Threats Are Made

Confronted by Chancellor Parka Ashland's Nikki, Michael, Summer, and Kyle, Ashland insisted that she just wanted to say goodbye to her son.

Nikki thinks the only thing he deserves is a jail cell. While Locke was fighting Michael and accusing Diane of setting him up, a police officer came to the call.

Locke asks Kyle to distract Harrison so he won't see it again and voluntarily leaves the police.

Michael laughed to himself and happily told Nikki that Diane did the right thing. Unfortunately, Nikki agrees.

Diane admits she was in the right place at the right time, but hopes it will show she's one of the good guys. A deal Nikki can't win.

When they were alone, Michael told Nikki that they were happy. He couldn't accept that Diane was doing it right.

She has a motive. Whatever it was, the good thing was that Ashland could be in a cell. The lawyer pointed out that it was just a misdemeanor and he would probably be out in a few hours.

In Newman's CEO's office, Victoria informed Nick and Victor that Adam had decided to keep Sally in her position, adding that he had broken up with her.


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