Westworld Season 4’s Christina Plot Is The Matrix 4

Christina's plot in Season 4 of Westworld shares many terrible similarities with Neo's story The Matrix Resurrections - that's the reason.

Rachel Wood's Dolores debuted at Westworld as the Guest of Above Emotions and later escaped from an amusement park prison at the end of season 2.

Dolores gave her life to achieve this goal, but not only her artificial body - her soul, memories and feelings were systematically removed.

Many are still unaware of Christina's mystery at Westworld, but seem to live a normal life in the modern world without being aware of her robotic past.

Christina has a home, a job, a stagnant social life and a fear of dating, but her story is full of parallels with The Matrix Resurrections in 2021.

On both occasions, old memories flourish through new personalities, because the consciousness of Neo and Dolores still persists, but these visions are misinterpreted in fiction.

Neo's internal conflict was mistakenly accused of his mental health, and Dolores received the same diagnosis from a date in Season 4 of Westworld.

Westworld even borrowed elements from Smith from Jonathan Groff. The iconic villain appears in The Matrix Resurrections simulation as CEO of Deus Ex Machina.


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