What did Chiefs' Chris Jones say to Matt Ryan for game-turning

INDIANAPOLIS - The Colts' upset victory over the Chiefs ended with a penalty kick.


Unsportsmanlike behavior has been assigned to Kansas City star defensive line Chris Jones for something he said to Indianapolis quarterback Matt Ryan. 

Jones' motive for pulling the flag remains a mystery, at least known to those present at the time. 

"It was offensive language," referee Sean Smith said after the game. Jones did not reveal what he said. Ryan too.

"I don't think I said anything terrible, but the officer called it, and I can't take it back," Jones told the Kansas City Star. "I have to play the game better and definitely have nothing to say."

From the sounds, the Chiefs defensive tackle and quarterback Quartz exchanged words and Jones crossed the finish line. 

Trash talking in the NFL is normal between games and players are rarely flagged for a spoken word. 

Jones did say he has never been flagged for talking before.

"I thought we were talking, but you never know what that officer saw," Jones said. “Maybe he heard something he shouldn't have.

The penalty ended up costing the Chiefs the win.

Jones was tagged after Ryan was brought down on a sack by Kansas City's Nick Bolton in Colts territory with 5:06 left.

a play that would force Indianapolis to punt. However, the Colts got the first down, 

And Indianapolis wounded 10 other players, ended, Ryan's station ended up from Ryan-playing TouchDown Pass to Jellani Woods. 


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