What Happens To Kim After Better Call Saul Season 6

Better Call Saul viewers are waiting to learn the fate of Kim Wexler. Season 6's "Fun and Games" finally answers that question. what will happen to him?

As a prequel to the Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul delves fully into the man behind Saul Goodman, from the brothers' accident to the outbreak of Lalos.

Better Call Saul's most important addition to Jimmy McGill's story, however, is Kim Wexler - a friend and colleague who gradually became a lover.

Over the course of six seasons of Better Call Saul, the relationship between Jimmy and Kim reached an almost incomprehensible unity, which is strange because Kim Wexler was not seen.

Better Call Saul faces the vexing task of explaining why Kim disappeared, and after years of dancing around the issue, season 6, episode 9 (“Fun and Games”) finally got around to it.

Kim's departure from Better Call Saul came after Lalo Salamanca murdered Howard Hamlin in his apartment.

Jimmy and Kim try to get on with their normal lives, but in the episode's closing credits, Kim breaks up with her husband and leaves town.

If she goes that route, Kim will undoubtedly make a great lawyer and partner with the firm of her choice.


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