What Type Of Predator Is The One In Prey

Prey director Dan Trachtenberg promised a more ravaged and ferocious version of the Predator than we've ever seen, and he delivered in the prequel.


Prey, the latest film in the Predator series, features a never-before-seen Yautja variant called the Feral Predator.

Director Dan Trachtenberg gave the new alien hunter a unique moniker referring to a more ferocious and animalistic attitude.

Prequel Predator is set in the 1700s and follows Nara, a Comanche hunter, on his journey to seek validation from his tribe.

Prey is the fifth installment of the standalone Predator series and the first prequel. With the inclusion of Alien Vs.

Predator crossovers, however, brought the total number of films featuring the famous alien hunters known as the Yautja to seven.

The decision to set the film 300 years ago in the Comanche Nation was successful as it received critical acclaim.

The film also connects to some of the earlier Predator films by revealing the origins of the famous "1715" flintlock pistol from Predator 2.


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