Where is Ellie Satler from Jurassic Park III?

Eli Sutler (Laura Dern) is not seen from Jurassic Park III, but returns with Alan Grant (Sam Neal) and Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) returns to the Jurassic World: The Dominion.

The original Jurassic Park is based on the bestseller by Michael Crichton, who also wrote and directed the original Westworld.

The 1993 version of the film proved to be a groundbreaking blockbuster and, in addition to a good cast and set, was a pioneer in the use of CGI effects.

After two in a row, but one with Ellie, the franchise restarted smoothly in 2015 as Jurassic World with a new character.

Steven Spielberg will once again direct Lost World: Jurassic Park, again based on the novel by Crichton.

Unfortunately, the sequel suffered compared to the original, and Spielberg later admitted to being bored with it.

Ellie's role in the Dominion came to nothing but confirmation that she was the center of the story (and more so than Alan Grant or Ian Malcolm).

If anything, it remains to be seen, although it could put a huge strain on working on any potential Top Gun 3.


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