Which Magnum P.I. Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

Reboots may not always be as popular as the original show, but CBS Criminal Procedure Magnum P.I. have a healthy run.

Titular ex-Navy SEAL and current private detective Thomas Magnum has solved many complex crimes in Hawaii and can look great.

One of the reasons Magnum does its job so well is that it is surrounded by so many good friends and colleagues. The simplicity of the characters allows them to easily engage.

But what do you look like more? Using 12 zodiac signs makes it easier to draw parallels between us and these fictional characters.

P.I. very inclined to his work. He always dreamed of teaming up with the best villains in Magnum P.I, even though they had more resources and power than he did.

Magnum, however, startled before watching the audience scare in front of him more than once, and his uncertainty often arises every time Higgins acquires a girlfriend.

As a curator at the Robin Masters Cultural Center. Kumu really loves art. He loved Hawaiian cultural practices,

to be ready to take part in the demonstration if the party threatens to end such negotiations. However, Kumu rarely joins the rest of the group in solving life and death problems.


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