Who Is Better Call Saul’s Villain

Better Call Saul Season 6 has a potential problem when it comes to its newest villain. While there is an obvious choice, there is also a more logical one.

The midseason premiere "Point and Shoot" changed the series in an unexpected way with the assassination of Lalo Salamanca.

While Better Call Saul has an obvious choice when it comes to replacing him, there's one that makes more sense given the structure of the show's main storyline and format.

The main storylines of Better Call Saul Season 6 show Jimmy and Kim's plan against Howard Hamlin, and Gus' conflict with Lalo made headlines.

This eventually led to Howard's death in the season 6 midseason finale, "Plan and Execution", and was quickly followed by Lalo's "Point and Shoot".

Both of these deaths changed the trajectory of the show in many ways. One such way is to leave a void open for the reign of a new villain as Better Call Saul draws to a close.

Finally, with the death of Lalo, it seems natural that the showrunners could have turned to other villainous characters like Gus or the Salamancas to make Better Call Saul the ultimate villain.

As such, it makes more sense that the final villain in the series would be none other than Saul Goodman himself, Jimmy McGill.


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