Who Killed Sara? Finally Solves Its Biggest Mystery

During her three seasons, fans regularly watched Netflix's Who Killed Sara? A series of twists, turns, and pharmaceutical scandals have turned Sara Guzman's parasailing death into a shocking murder mystery, but Sara's dead body is not in the grave.

Everyone who investigated his death last season was shocked and ended wildly. Fortunately, the biggest mystery of the show is solved, but it leaves a bitter aftertaste.

After her accident, Sarah was taken care of by Reinaldo, a bad doctor in a psychiatric hospital. He runs a shadow program called the Medusa Project and decides to keep Sarah.

He falsified his death and began to condition himself and use black treatment to cure his schizophrenia. Reinaldo is looking for a "cure" for homosexuality and hopes that studying people like Sara will help him figure out how to find his gay daughter Daniel right.

But Sarah revolted, picked up a knife, and killed herself after several years in prison. She had had enough of the pain and trauma of her old life that she didn't want to end up with someone's lab rat.

However, there was a big reversal after years with another person in the lab who looked like Sarah: Lucia.

Lucia is not a clone, as some theorists think. He is the real son of Sarah, who imprisoned Reinald in the facility.

A mad scientist plans to release him at the age of 18, but Lucia also shows features of her mother, who wants to get out of the cage. Fortunately, it is through his uncle Álex that he attacks the facility.


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