Why Anthony Anderson Is Leaving Law & Order After Only 1 Season

Anthony Anderson explains why he left Law & Order again after returning for just one season. After a major run from 1990-2010, Law & Order was rebooted for season 21 last year,

saw the return of select original cast members such as Anderson and Sam Waterston and the introduction of new characters to the series.

The Law & Order revival was later changed to a different time period. Season 22 of Law & Order returns to NBC this September,

and that will likely start the recently announced crossover event between it and the spinoff featuring Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: Organized Crime.

With Anderson's dismissal, Waterston is now the sole star of the original Law & Order and holds a number of regular roles in the revised rematch.

We'll see if there are any early additions to Season 22, but there's always the possibility of returning stars.

At least viewers will be pleased with a great crossover between Law and Order, SVU and Organized Crime. If NBC continues to offer the main series in its final seasons,

Anderson always finds his way back to the show to guest line. When you're coming into a universe as big as Law & Order, there's always room for returning favorites.


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